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Rythmbox Remote for Android

Rhythmbox Remote hits the Andoid Market today. This is the first android native app able to remotely control your lovely Rhythmbox player on Linux. Rhythmbox Remote doesn't stream music on your Android device,  it's not a internet radio server, it just use the plug-in Rhythmweb created by Pablo Carranza to control a popular Linux music player remotely.

Download the latest version of "Rhythmweb" Hier.Unzip and copy the "Rhythmweb" directory to ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/pluginsStart Rhythmbox, go to Edit > Plugins, then check the enable checkbox for Rhythmbox.Go to the android market and get Rhythmbox Remote for free.Open the apps and select "Add new Server" on the apps.Provide the IP-address of your computer and the port of Rhythmweb (7001 is the default).You can now crontrol your music player and enjoy your music in the kitchen.

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